Dr Devashibhai Adroja

Instrument Scientist

Location R 3, UG. 08
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
E-mail devashibhai.adroja@stfc.ac.uk
Telephone (office) +44 (0) 1235 445797
Mobile (short code) 1115 (only works when dialed on site)

Introduction and profile

I am a senior scientist at ISIS facility and responsible for MERLIN/HET spectrometers.

I am also a project scientist for the Advanced Magnets for Neutron Scattering project at ISIS.

Research and development interests

My field of research is to investigate strongly correlated electron systems using neutron scattering and muon spin resonance techniques. The field of strongly correlated electron systems is an active area in condensed matter physics research recently and in spite of a huge amount of experimental and theoretical work, the magnetic properties of solids are by no means completely understood. My research is focused on the materials which are important to understand the fundamental physics as well as the development of new future thermoelectric device technology.  I am currently working on heavy fermion systems, new FeAs-based high temperature superconductors (HTSC), transition mental oxides, thermoelectric materials, low dimensional magnetism and magnetic-nanoparticles. The main focus on heavy fermion and FeAs-based-SC/HTSC is to understand commonality between these different systems, which may lead to a common origin of the superconductivity, and to investigate the role of quantum fluctuations on the origin of unconventional superconductivity and break down of standard Fermi-liquid theory in these materials. Many heavy fermion systems exhibit a huge value of thermoelectric power, which is important for thermoelectric device. On transition metal oxides systems the main focus is to probe low dimensional magnetic fluctuations using inelastic neutron scattering and muon spin rotation and directly test various theoretical models. Currently I am working on spin-chain and spin ladder systems.

Professional activities: Memberships/External organisations

*    I am a member of the editorial board for  the Open Condensed Matter Physics Journal

Grants, awards, teaching and other activities

*    Advanced magnets for neutron scattering applications at ISIS (Jan 2006-Dec 2009) £2.1M.

*    Funding for Theoretical and Experimental Magnetism Meeting (Aug 2005-2009) £30.5 K

*    Funding for Theoretical and Experimental Magnetism Meeting from the COST-P16 programme 5K Euros

*    CMPC Funding for a visiting PhD student £10 K ( June 2009-2010)

*    Submitted an EPSRC  grant proposal on “Crystal growth and neutron scattering investigations of intermetallic superconductors and magnetic materials” in collaboration with Dr Geetha Balakrishnan from Warwick University.


Recent Publications

Review papers: 

Inelastic neutron scattering study of spin gap formation in heavy fermion compounds

D.T. Adroja,   K.A. McEwen,  J.-G. Park, A.D. Hillier, N. Takeda, P.S. Riseborough and T. Takabatake 

J. Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, 19, 1564 (2008)

Full Journal papers:

Spin Waves and Magnetic Exchange Interactions in CaFe2As2

Jun Zhao, D. T. Adroja, Dao-Xin Yao, R. Bewley, Shiliang Li, X. F. Wang, G. Wu, X. H. Chen, Jiangping Hu, and Pengcheng Dai

Nature Physics, 5, 555, (2009)

Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy and Crystal Fields in the Weak-Ferromagnet Ce4Ni3Pb4

K. Shigetoh, T. Onimaru, A. Ishida, M. Akita, K. Inoue, M. Nishi, T.J. Sato, D. T. Adroja and T. Takabatake

J. Phys. Soci. Japan, 78. 024701 (2009).

Crystal electric field excitations in ferromagnetic CeTX compounds

B.M. Sondezi-Mhlungu, D.T.Adroja, A.M.Strydom, S.Paschen, E.A.Goremychkin

Physica B (2009) in press

Low-energy spectrum of a Tm-based double-decker complex

N. Magnani, R. Caciuffo, E. Colineau,F. Wastin, A. Baraldi, E. Buffagni, R. Capelletti, S. Carretta, M. Mazzera, D.T. Adroja, M. Watanabe and A. Nakamura

Phys. Rev. B79, 104407 (2009)

Crystalline Electric Field as a Probe for Long-Range Antiferromagnetic Order and Superconducting State of CeFeAsO1-xFx

Songxue Chi, D. T. Adroja, T. Guidi, R. Bewley, Shiliang Li, Jun Zhao, J.W. Lynn, C. M. Brown, Y. Qiu, G. F. Chen, J. L. Lou, N. L. Wang, and Pengcheng Dai

Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 217002 (2008)

mSR study of non-Fermi-liquid behaviour near the ferromagnetic quantum critical point in CePd0.15Rh0.85

D.T.Adroja, A.D. Hillier, J.-G. Park, W. Kockelmann, K.A. McEwen, B.D. Rainford et al

Phys.Rev. B78, 014412 (2008)

Magnetic short-range correlations and quantum critical scattering in the non-Fermi liquid regime of URu2-xRexSi2 (x=0.2-0.6)

V. Krishnamurthy, D.T. Adroja, N.P. Butch, S.K. Sinha, M.B. Maple, R. Osborn, J.L. Robertson, S.E.  Nagler and M.C. Aronson

Phys.Rev. B78, 024413   (2008)

Inelastic neutron scattering from PrFe4P12 at low temperatures and under high magnetic fields

J.G. Park, D.T. Adroja, K.A. McEwen, M. Kohgi and K. Iwasa

Phys. Rev. B77, 085102 (2008)

Spin-glass order induced by dynamic frustration

E.A. Goremychkin, R. Osborn, B.D. Rainford, R.T. Macaluso, D.T.Adroja and M. Koza

Nature Physics, 4,  766-770 (2008)

Muon-spin-rotation study of the superconducting properties of Mo3Sb7

V.H.Tran, A.D. Hillier, D.T. Adroja and Z. Bukowski

Phys. Rev. B78, 172505 (2008)

Mn55 nuclear magnetic resonance study of highly Sr-doped La2-2xSr1+2xMn2O7 (x=0.5-0.8) 

D. Rybicki, C. Kapusta, W. Tokarz, H. Stepankova, V. Prochazka, J. Haase, Z. Jirak, D.T. Adroja and J.F. Mitchell

Phys. Rev. B78, 184428 (2008)

Crystal field excitations in the cubic compound Ce3Rh4Sn13

Physica B403, 898-899  (2008)  

D.T. Adroja; A.M. Strydom; A.P. Murani; W.A. Kockelmann and A. Fraile

Crystal field excitations across the isostructural transition in TbNiA1 and TbPdAl

P. Javorsky, J. ; Prchal and D.T.  Adroja

Solid State Comm. 146, 21 (2008)

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