Dr Saurabh Kabra

Location R 3, 1. 24
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
E-mail saurabh.kabra@stfc.ac.uk
Telephone (office) +44 (0) 1235 446729

Introduction and profile

Dr Saurabh Kabra joined the ENGIN-X team as an instrument scientist after working as a postdoc with the Thermo-Mechanical team at the Bragg Institute, ANSTO. Before ANSTO, Saurabh worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory where he was an instrument postdoc at the SMARTS and HIPPO diffractometers. He did most of his PhD work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory under the supervision Dr. Easo P. George. He has a wide variety of interests in field of in-situ diffraction techniques applied to the study of thermo-mechanical behaviour of metals and alloys.


Techniques: In situ studies of metallurgical processes like casting, welding, powder metallurgy, extrusion and other thermo-mechanical processes, Neutron & X-ray diffraction, Texture analysis, Residual strain measurements
Materials: Shape memory materials, High temperature Intermetallics (Ti and TiAl based alloys), Nuclear materials (Zr based), Steels.
Properties: Phase transformations, Microstructure, Mechanical behavior, Plasticity, Crystallography, Residual stress


Instrument Scientist - ENGIN-X : Aug 2012 - present

Postdoc: Jan 2007 Oct 2009 : Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, USA
PhD: Aug 2002 Dec 2006 : The University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, USA
BTech: May 1998 July 2002 : Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India


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3. Kun Yan, David G. Carr, Saurabh Kabra, Mark Reid, Andrew Studer, Robert P. Harrison, Rian Dippenaar,
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4. T.A. Sisneros, D.W. Brown, B. Clausen, D.C. Donati, S. Kabra, W.R. Blumenthal, S.C. Vogel, ‘Influence of strain rate
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5. P. Hosemann, S. Kabra, E. Stergar, M.J. Cappillo, S.A. Maloy, ‘Microstructural characterization of laboratory heats
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6. J. Wollmershauser, S. Kabra, S. Agnew, ‘In situ neutron diffraction study of the plastic deformation mechanisms of
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