Dr Tatiana Guidi

Instrument Scientist

Location R 3, UG. 08
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
E-mail tatiana.guidi@stfc.ac.uk
Telephone (office) +44 (0) 1235 446584
Mobile (short code) 1982 (only works when dialed on site)

Introduction and profile

I am a scientist within the ISIS Excitations Group and I am co-responsible for MARI spectrometer.

Research and development interests

I am currently working in the field of Molecular Magnetism. I am using Neutron Scattering techniques to probe the spin excitations and nuclear structure of magnetic molecules. I am also interested in the study of magnetic excitations in one- and two-dimensional magnetic systems.

Recent Publications:

T. Guidi, B. Gillon, S.A. Mason, E. Garlatti, S. Carretta, P. Santini, A. Stunault, R. Caciuffo,J. van Slageren, B. Klemke, A. Cousson, G.A. Timco and R.E.P. Winpenny, Direct observation of finite size effects in chains of antiferromagnetically coupled spins, Nature Communications 6, 7061 (2015).

Michael L. Baker, Tatiana Guidi, Stefano Carretta, Jacques Ollivier, Hannu Mutka, Hans U. Güdel, Grigore A. Timco, Eric J. L. McInnes Giuseppe Amoretti, Richard E. P. Winpenny, Paolo Santini Spin dynamics of molecular nanomagnets unravelled at atomic scale by four-dimensional inelastic neutron scattering, Nature Phys. 8, 906911 (2012) and Nature Physics News and Views Molecular magnets: Lord of the rings

Michael L. Baker, Grigore A. Timco, Stergios Piligkos, Jennifer S. Mathieson, Hannu Mutka, Floriana Tuna, Piotr Kozłowski, Michał Antkowiak, Tatiana Guidi, Tulika Gupta, Harapriya Rath, Robert J. Woolfson, Grzegorz Kamieniarz, Robin G. Pritchard, Høgni Weihe, Leroy Cronin, Gopalan Rajaraman, David Collison, Eric J. L. McInnes and Richard E. P. Winpenny, A classification of spin frustration in molecular magnets from a physical study of large odd-numbered-metal, odd electron rings PNAS, vol. 109 no. 47, 19113–19118 (2012).

S. Carretta, T. Guidi, P. Santini, G. Amoretti, O. Pieper, B. Lake, J. van Slageren, F. El Hallak, W. Wernsdorfer, H. Mutka, M. Russina, C. J. Milios, and E. K. Brechin, Breakdown of the Giant Spin Model in the Magnetic Relaxation of the Mn6 Nanomagnets, Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 157203 (2008).

G. Amoretti, R. Caciuffo, S. Carretta, T. Guidi, N. Magnani, P. Santini, Inelastic Neutron Scattering Investigations of Molecular Nanomagnets, Inorganica Chimica Acta 361, 3771 (2008).

A. Bianchi, S. Carretta, P. Santini, G. Amoretti, T. Guidi, Y. Qiu, J.R.D. Copley, G. Timco, C. Muryn, and R.E.P. Winpenny, Rotational bands in open antiferromagnetic rings: a neutron spectroscopy study of Cr8Zn, Phys. Rev. B 79, 144422 (2009).

O. Pieper, T. Guidi, S. Carretta, J. van Slageren, F. El Hallak, B. Lake, P. Santini, G. Amoretti, H. Mutka, M. Koza, M. Russina, A. Schnegg, C. J. Milios, E. K. Brechin, A. Julià, and J. Tejada, Inelastic neutron scattering and frequency-domain magnetic resonance studies of S=4 and S=12 Mn6 single-molecule magnets, Phys. Rev. B 81, 174420 (2010)


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