ISIS Annual Report 2007

ISIS provides world-class facilities for neutron and muon investigations of materials across a diverse range of science disciplines. ISIS 2007 details the work of the facility over the past year, including accounts of science highlights and descriptions of major instrument and accelerator developments, together with progress on the Second Target Station Project and the facility’s publications for the year.

ISIS Annual Review 2007 - pdf 


Foreword by Andrew Taylor

As I write, ISIS is coming towards the end of a ten month shut-down.

ISIS Highlights

Environmental and Earth Sciences

Envronmental and Earth sciences

Technology Developments for Neutron Scattering

Technology developments for neutron scattering

The Importance of Disorder

The importance of disorder

Fundamental Magnetic Systems

Fundamental magnetic systems

Molecular and Polymeric Materials

Molecular and polymeric materials

Technological Materials

Technological materials

ISIS Developments

TS-1 Instrument Developments

Development at ISIS is a continuous process, driven both in response to the changing needs of the user community and to maintain ISIS as a world-class neutron and muon source.

TS-2 Instrument Developments

Evolution of the existing instruments, and design and construction of new ones, open up fresh opportunities for materials investigations.

Accelerator and Target Developments

The 2007 long shut-down has seen large amounts of activity on the accelerators and target.

The Second Target Station

The Second Target station project has progressed rapidly throughout the year.

ISIS in facts and figures

User Satisfaction

All users visiting the facility are invited to complete a satisfaction survey.

Beam statistics 2006-2007

ISIS continues to be the world’s most successful pulsed spallation neutron source. For the period of this report and during scheduled operating cycles, ISIS delivered a total of 749 mA.hrs of user proton beam to the muon and neutron targets.

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