Beam Statistics 2007-2008

ISIS continues to be the world's most successful pulsed spallation neutron source.

For the period of this report and during scheduled operating cycles, ISIS delivered a total of 326 mA.hrs of user proton beam to the muon and neutron targets. This was delivered over a series of three user cycles, a smaller number than usual in a reporting year due to the ISIS long shutdown from January - September 2007.

The tables below give beam statistics for the individual cycles in the year 2007-2008, together with year-on-year statistics for ISIS performance.

ISIS Operational Statistics

ISIS operational statistics for year 2007-2008
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ISIS Performance Summary

Year-on-year ISIS performance summary for the past 10 years
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ISIS Beam Currents

Average ISIS beam current per cycle (top) and the ISIS integrated beam current over the last twenty years.
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*Statistics are for only three run cycles in 2007, owing to the ISIS long shutdown.

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