First Neutrons: 3 Aug 2008

Second Target Station Project Milestones

TS-2 Beam Production

Tony Kershaw assesses TS-2 beam production in the ISIS main control room.
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August 2008 saw the first neutrons produced in the tungsten target, thermalised in the solid methane moderator and successfully detected by the Inter instrument.

First neutron production on the Second Target Station: 3rd August 2008

At 13:08 BST on Sunday 3rd August 2008, the Second Target Station Project measured the first neutrons from the new target station in the Inter beam line. 

A significant milestone in the life of the facility and in the completion of the project, the first neutrons met all of the technical performance predictions. This meant that ISIS is now officially a two neutron source facility! First neutron production was achieved after a very significant amount of work co-ordinated across the many different groups working on different aspects of the TS-2 project.

TS-2 First Neutrons

The first neutron spectrum to be published from the Inter instrument. Data fitting indicated that the intensities agree with calculations and that the distribution is consistent with the moderator temperature.
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