Annual Report 2009

ISIS provides world-class facilities for neutron and muon investigations of materials across a diverse range of science disciplines. ISIS 2009 details the work of the facility over the past year, including accounts of science highlights and descriptions of major instrument and accelerator developments, together with updates on the Second Target Station and the facility's publications for the year.

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The introduction to this years Annual Report by ISIS Director, Andrew Taylor.

Highlights of ISIS science


The advanced facilities provided by ISIS enable world-class research to be performed by scientists from around the world together with facility staff.

Materials for advanced electronics

Organic spin-valves, spin cycles and semi-conductors

Competing interactions: studies of frustration

Frustrated magnets and spin-chain systems

Structural investigations of technologically-relevant materials

Dopant atoms and negative thermal expansion

Applications of complex models

Protein resistant surfaces and drug delivery

Superconductivity and magnetism

Symmetry breaking, bonding and superconductors

A variety of technologies - man-made and natural!

Spider-silk, catalysts and looking to the future

ISIS Publications and Seminars

ISIS Publications 2008

References of the 403 ISIS publications that have been reported since the 2008 Annual Report.

ISIS publications 2009

All ISIS publications reported in 2009


Seminars held at ISIS 2008-2009

Developments and Events

Developments and Events

Development at ISIS is a continuous process, driven in response to the changing needs of the user community and to maintain ISIS as a world-class neutron and muon source.

Second Target Station instruments shine

This year has seen first science being done on Second Target Station instruments. And the instruments are more than living up to expectations!

New science from instrument and technique advances

As well as larger instrument developments, advances in techniques or in other experimental equipment also enable new science to be done using neutrons and muons at ISIS.

Accelerator and Target news

Higher beam currents at ISIS

Instrument upgrades and developments

Upgrades and developments...

A year around ISIS

A round up of the last year at ISIS...

ISIS in facts and figures

ISIS in facts and figures

The facts and figures for 2009

Beam Statistics 2008-2009

ISIS continues to be the world’s most successful pulsed spallation neutron source. For the period of this report and during scheduled operating cycles, ISIS delivered a total of 612 mA.hrs of user proton beam to the muon and neutron targets.

User satisfaction

Results from the 2008-2009 User Satisfaction survey


ISIS Facility Access Panel members for 2009

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