Technology and Training

Rachel Evans (Trinity College, Dublin) preparing samples for LOQ

Rachel Evans (Trinity College, Dublin) preparing samples to study the controlled assembly of cationic polythiophene-surfactant complexes on Loq.
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Technology development at ISIS is a continuous process, driven in response to the changing scientific needs of the user community and to maintain ISIS as a world-class neutron and muon source.

Evolution of existing instruments and construction of new ones, together with advances in neutron and muon techniques, provide fresh opportunities for materials investigations. Technology developments within the ISIS accelerator complex are designed to improve ISIS reliability and performance.

The past year has seen work starting on four new instruments for the Second Target Station. In addition, a huge amount of work was carried out across ISIS during the planned maintenance shut-down at the
end of 2010. Alongside technical developments comes a wide range of other activities – science workshops, training courses, user meetings, public understanding of science events, schools visits – to
name but a few.

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