Relevance of potential research to the Technology Foresight programme

The ISIS second target station will be ideally placed to make a major contributions to future science and technology.

These contributions are linked directly to the major themes and priorities identified in the 1994-1999 UK Technology Foresight exercise - a good indication of the relevance of the potential research programme.

Technology foresight themes

ChemicalsBio-chemical technology, advanced materials, polymers, processing, sensors
EnergyEnhanced oil recovery, waste management
MaterialsSensors, advanced materials, adhesion, surface engineering
ManufacturingProcessing, product formulation
Defence and aerospaceSensors, advanced materials, process technology
Retail and distrubutionIntelligent or smart packaging
Health and life scienceDrug delivery, drug creation, pharmaceuticals,immune response manipulation, metabolic pathways
Food and drinkMaterial changes during processing
AgriculturePesticides, environmental controls
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