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Target Station 2

About the ISIS second target station project

The £145 million ISIS second target station project was completed in 2009 on time and to budget. All seven Phase One neutron instruments are operational.

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Phase 2 instruments project

Phase Two instruments

The success of the seven neutron instruments operating at the ISIS Second Target Station has attracted a further £21 million from the UK government to add four more instruments to the suite. The instruments will add distinctive new capability for neutron scattering in Europe and open up new areas of science.

Timeline - Phase Two instruments project

The four new instruments in this project will be built over a period of four years from 2010-2013.


Instrument for rapid testing of effects of high energy neutrons


A neutron imaging and diffraction instrument for materials science, materials processing and engineering.


Multi-purpose instrument for SANS, diffraction and spectroscopy utilising the larmor precession of polarised neutrons. Larmor will provide a suite of techniques not currently possible at ISIS and will also expand the range of spatial and temporal length scales to new areas.


Zoom will be a flexible, high count rate small-angle scattering instrument. It will use novel focussing devices and high resolution detectors to reach very small Q (VSANS).

Operational instruments


High-intensity chemical interfaces reflectometer offering a unique facility for the study of a range of air/liquid, liquid/liquid, air/solid, and liquid/solid interfaces.


Cold neutron multi-chopper spectrometer for the study of dynamics in condensed matter to understand the microscopic origin of material properties.


Nimrod is a near and intermediate range order diffractometer designed to provide continuous access to length scales ranging from the interatomic (<1 Å) through to the mesoscopic (>300 Å).


Offspec is an advanced reflectometer giving access to nanometre length scales parallel and perpendicular to interfaces. It uses the technique of neutron spin-echo to encode the path that neutrons take through the instrument.


Polref is a polarised neutron reflectometer designed for the study of the magnetic ordering in and between the layers and surfaces of thin film materials.


Time-of-flight Small-Angle Neutron Scattering instrument.


Wish is a long-wavelength diffractometer primarily designed for powder diffraction at long d-spacing in magnetic and large unit cell systems, with the option of enabling single-crystal and polarised beam experiments.

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