Timeline - Second target station and Phase One instruments

The ISIS second target station project ran from 2003 to 2009. It was completed on time and to budget. First neutrons were created in 2008 and all seven Phase One instruments are operational. Scientific commissioning of the instruments is largely complete and experiments from the ISIS user programme are underway.



First Science and Technical Advisory CommitteeJuly 2002


Detailed planning approvalMarch 2003
Approve initial instrument suiteJune 2003
Approve target station design conceptJuly 2003
First project boardOctober 2003
Complete earth moving and landscapingNovember 2003


Complete access road 10October 2004
Complete R78 technical support buildingNovember 2004


Begin R80 experimental hall constructionJanuary 2005
Complete R80 structural frameMay 2005
Complete target monolith foundationSeptember 2005
R80 weather-tightNovember 2005


Complete R80 constructionMarch 2006


Complete target services area structureJanuary 2007
Begin extracted proton beam installation in synchrotronFebruary 2007
Complete target services area equipmentDecember 2007
Complete target stationDecember 2007
Complete extracted proton beamSeptember 2007
First proton beam to target areaDecember 2007


Begin instrument neutron guidesJanuary 2008
Begin first phase instrument detectorsMarch 2008
Begin instrument commissioningApril 2008
First complete instrument installationJune 2008
First measurable neutrons from targetJuly 2008
Target core fully operationalJuly 2008
First neutrons producedAugust 2008
Start of experimental programmeOctober 2008



Project complete with seven instruments operational

August 2009
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