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Next call for proposals: Deadline 16 April 2016

ISIS neutron and muon instruments are free to use for academic and industry researchers, provided results from experiments at ISIS are published in the public domain.

New users are always welcome at ISIS and we are constantly encouraging new areas of research that can flourish. ISIS scientists and the User Office can help you with your beam time proposal, and all ISIS users receive a high level of support during experiments.

Apply for ISIS beam time using the ISIS Online Proposal System

For Academics

Types of beamtime

We offer a range of ways to request beam time on ISIS instruments: Direct access, Rapid access, Xpress access and access for industry.

Newton Funding for Indian, Chinese and South African researchers

ISIS has been awarded funds as part of the UK Government’s Newton Fund to support researchers from China, India and South Africa to use ISIS.

EU funding for experiments at ISIS

ISIS has had EU funding to support European researchers. This funding was available up to round 15/1, and details of this can be found below. The EU has currently removed this funding in Horizon 2020, and so from round 15/2 onwards it is no longer available.

Xpress Service

Gem Xpress

Powder diffraction measure-by-courier service using the Gem instrument


MERLIN Xpress is the new inelastic neutron scattering measurement-by-courier service for powder samples, using the high count-rate MERLIN spectrometer.

Muon Xpress

Muon spectroscopy measure-by-courier service using the Emu and MuSR instruments

QENS Xpress

Quasi-elastic neutron scattering measure-by-courier service using the Iris and Osiris instruments

SANS Xpress

Small-angle scattering measure-by-courier service using the LOQ and SANS2D instruments.

Tosca Xpress

Molecular spectroscopy measure-by-courier service using the Tosca instrument


Spin-echo small-angle scattering measure-by-courier service using the Offspec instrument

For Industry

ISIS Collaborative R&D Programme

The ISIS Collaborative R&D programme is a fast-track route for industries with a UK manufacturing or research base to use ISIS neutron and muon beams.

Notes and guidance

Writing a beam time proposal for ISIS

Beam time allocations at ISIS are highly prized and in great demand. A clearly written proposal for an experiment at ISIS can set you apart from the crowd and greatly increase the chances that the Facility Access Panels will recommend you get allocated beam time. We give you hints and tips on writing the perfect proposal.

Proposals requiring access to ISIS and Diamond

ISIS and Diamond have agreed a process which allows proposals needing access to both facilities to be reviewed once by a single review panel.

Responsibilities of the Principal Investigator on ISIS proposals

The Principal Investigator on an ISIS proposal has specific responsibilities for the experiment.

Experimental Reports

An experimental report must be completed for each experiment made at ISIS and submitted within three months of the experiment having been completed.

Publishing research

Guidence for publications.


Consumables for UK users for ISIS and ILL experiments.

ISIS Isotope Facility

The ISIS Isotope Facility (formerly the Oxford Isotope facility) is able to produce deuterated small molecules for ISIS and ILL experiments.

Access for ISIS Users to the Research Complex at Harwell

ISIS users from UK institutions can access Research Complex at Harwell facilities.

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