Consumables for UK users for ISIS and ILL experiments.

Please note that consumables rules are changing! 

From January 2015, the following rules will apply for UK researchers claiming consumables for ISIS and ILL experiments.

UK researchers who have been awarded beamtime at ISIS or ILL may submit a request for up to £1200 per experiment for consumables required for the sample itself or for its preparation.  A maximum amount of £4800 can be claimed in a single proposal round by a research group with several experiments.

In exceptional cases, requests up to a maximum of £3000 per experiment can be made. In such cases, you must submit a written request with a full breakdown of costs to the User Office for approval. The maximum of £4800 per proposal round per research group also applies in this case.

Consumables claims can be made for the direct purchase of a sample itself, or for chemicals, including isotopes, which are base materials for the preparation of a sample for an ISIS neutron or muon experiment. The chemicals should directly relate to the preparation of the sample for an ISIS experiment, and chemicals which would normally be part of a well-found lab are not eligible for claims. For example, distilled water, electric power, common laboratory solvents and solutions, and cryogens are all excluded from claims. Claims should relate directly to sample preparation, so that sample cells for experiments and other equipment required for the experiment itself cannot be claimed. Users should discuss with their local contact whether ISIS has suitable cells which could be used. Claims also cannot be made for payment of manpower or services derived within the department of the claimant, or insurance.

Expenses for consumables must be submitted within three months of the experiment through the online proposal system; claims submitted after this time will not be accepted.

To apply for funding, please refer to the ISIS Online Proposal pages


Consumables for ILL experiments.

To apply for funding for an ILL experiment please fill out the form linked below and return to the ISIS User Office ( The same rules as for ISIS consumables described above apply.

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