DL-RAL Joint Accelerator Workshop

The joint accelerator workshops allow accelerator scientist and engineers from across STFC to meet and discuss their work. The workshops are held each year with the venue alternating between Daresbury and Rutherford.

Talks from the workshops held at RAL can be downloaded below.


M. Poole

Introduction to ASTeC programmes

D. Findlay

ISIS operational update

R. Bartolini

Diamond status and future challenges

K. Long

MICE progress and plans

S. Smith

ALICE achievements

C. Beard

Superconducting RF prospects

A. Letchford

Front End Test Stand progress and aims

P. Williams

NLS design studies

J. Thomason

ISIS upgrade options

M. Glover

Electrical engineering at ISIS

O. Malyshev

NEG pumping R&D progress

J. Thomason

Challenges of dual harmonic RF systems

B. Muratori

EMMA design and construction

P. Norreys

R&D for particle accelerators in CLF

D. Dunning

Free electron laser studies

D. Angal-Kalinin

The Linear Collider programme

S. Brookes

Conceptual studies for a neutrino factory

P. McIntosh

Crab correction systems



Group Photograph

D. Findlay

ISIS Developments

A. Seville


S. Payne


B. Pine

Profile Monitors

T. Broome


R. Walker


P. Norreys

Laser-Driven Accelerators

P. Drumm


S. Smith


A. Letchford


J. Clarke


P. McIntosh

SRF Infrastructure



DJS Findlay

 Overview of work at ISIS

AP Letchford


JWG Thomason

 The ISIS Second Harmonic Upgrade

MG Glover/AJ Kimber

 Electrical Engineering on ISIS

CM Warsop

Understanding Beam Loss Mechanisms on ISIS

DJ Adams

Design of the Beam Line to Target Station 2

F Gerigk

The HIPPI Programme

DC Faircloth

Development of High Performance Ion Source

SJ Brooks

Muon Front Ends

M Poole

 ASTeC Overview

R Appleby

The Future Linear Collider

I Martin

Orbit Control on DIAMOND

E Wooldridge

RF Power Supplies and Combiners

K Middleman

Cleaning for Ultra-High Vacuum

C Gerth

Modelling the ERLP Injector System

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