Software and Documentation

Below are links to software and documentation.

Biological neutron scattering programs developed at ISIS are available at They include:

1) A Biological scattering length density calculator for neutrons webtool. It can be used to determine the scattering length densities of hydrogenous and deuaterated protein, RNA and DNA in H2O : D2O mixtures. It also produces graphs of the corresponding contrast match points. The code was developed by Dr Luke Clifton and Dr Daniel Myatt

2) A Guinier analysis webtool that can be used with small angle scattering data. It loads reduced data files in text, Csv or ATSAS data file formats and performs a Guinier plot to give the radius of gyration (Rg) and intensity at zero angle (I(0)). It was developed using HTML5 code not currently supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer. This code was developed by Dr Daniel Myatt.

3) The EDNA Biosas pipeline on the STFC SCARF cluster. This pipeline looks to automate biological small angle scattering "dummy atom modelling". The software was originally developed by Diamond Light Source Ltd., the EMBL Hamburg and the ESRF on the EDNA platform with modules found in the ATSAS suite of programs. The program is available as a webtool using the SCARF high performance computing system. Please read the manual on the webpage and follow the link for access. 

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