The Computing Group at ISIS is involved in both creating and maintaining it's own software, as well as collaborating on other projects.


Open GENIE is a program that is used for the display and analysis of data from the neutron and muon instruments at the ISIS facility. It is also in use on site as a scripting facility for running experiments on the beamlines. More information can be found at the following locations:

GENIE-II (OpenVMS only)


The Mantid project provides a platform that supports high-performance on neutron and muon data. For more information please visit:



JPowder is a visialiser for powder diffraction data. More information can be found at:

Jpowder Home

ISIS Messages Installer

This program will allow you to see the messages sent out by the MCR (as on this page) in pop-ups on your own computer. Please consult the Readme file before installing it.

ISIS Messages Installer 

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