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Engin-X Manual

Engin-X Strain Scanning Training Exercise

Engin-X Strain Scanning Training Exercise Presentation

'Future Opportunities for Engineering Applications of the UK Synchrotron and Neutron Sources' - report of workshop, March 2007


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Open Genie and GSAS based analysis suite for ENGIN-X (Windows XP / 2000)

15/03/09Unzip and read Installation_instructions.txt
EX-OG Updates90kBLatest source code for EX-OG27/09/08

Replace the *.gcl files in my_drive\engin-x\genie\gcl with the latest versions in this zip file.

Double click my_drive\engin-x\compile_enginx.bat to re-compile.

Note: Necessary changes were made to Open Genie at the beginning of April 2008.  If you installed Open Genie before April 2008, please uninstall the old version and re-install the present version contained in above, before updating your source code.

Engin-X Spfit590kBBatch single peak fitting routine for use with the GSAS Rawplot program15/04/08Unzip and read  enginx_spfit_instructions.doc
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