MSUG Meeting 2006

The High Energy Resolution User Meeting 2006 orgnaised by the ISIS Molecular Spectroscopy Group will take place on Monday 2nd October 2006 at Conference Room 3, R61 at the RAL site.

This meeting will provide the ISIS User community a much-valued opportunity to forward suggestions and voice concerns regarding the direction of high energy resolution quasi-elastic  and low energy transfer inelastic spectroscopy within the Molecular Science group. In addition, it permits ISIS staff members to present recent developments and address future plans for the high energy resolution oriented spectrometers; namely OSIRIS and IRIS.

The programme will comprise of reports from all four Molecular Spectroscopy instrument teams (OSIRIS, IRIS, TOSCA and VESUVIO) alongside recent developments in the areas of ISIS sample environment, operations and computing. Forthcoming upgrades and future projects on both high energy resolution instruments will be presented as will scientific highlights. The meeting also offers Ph.D. students, post-docs and researchers opportunity to present their latest results.

The cost of travel to the meeting will be reimbursed for participants working at UK based scientific institutions.

For further details about the meeting please contact: Dr. Mark Telling

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