MSUGM10 Program

MSUG 2010 meeting preliminary programme

9:15 Arrival and registration

9:45 Welcome and MSUG update John Tomkinson

Session 1 Fundamental Science

10:00 Asel Sartbaeva (ICL Oxford) “Framework encapsulated nanomaterials”

10:20 Mycola Rozhok (Bangor University) “Towards a Synergy Between Spectra and Theory Through Case Studies: Vibrational Analyses in Biocompatible Silanes, Bioactive Peptides and Explicit Solvent Algorithms”

10:40 Andrew McFarlane (Glasgow University) "The adsorption of esters on high surface area silicas: surface chemistry with significant industrial relevance".

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Ian Silverwood (Glasgow University) "New insights in to methane reforming reactions over supported nickel catalysts"

11:50 Group photo

12:00-13:45 POSTERS & Lunch

13:45 Philip King (ISIS) “News on the user programme at ISIS”

Session 2:   Smart Materials

14:00 Dan Reed (Birmingham University)

14:20 Arthur Lovell (ISIS)

14:40 Andrew Seel (ICL Oxford) “The Detection of Ammonia at Low Concentrations within Zeolite A”

15:00 Sarah Hardman (Durham University) “Tailoring the Surface of Polyethylene”

15:20 Coffee break

15:50 Zeynep Kurban (UCL, ISIS) “Hydrogen storage in composite Polymer-Ammonia Borane Nanofibres”

16:10 Cedric Dicko (Oxford Zoology) “Silks' dynamics - How far are we?”

16:30 Discussion and closing remarks (John Tomkinson)

16:45 End of conference

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