User Group

The Molecular Spectroscopy Group consists of the instrument scientists and its User Group.

The 2016 Molecular Spectroscopy Science User Group Meeting will be held at the Cosener’s House on the 9th & 10th of November 2016.

MSUG 2015 Meeting at Cosener's House

MSUG 2015 Meeting at Cosener's House
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A small group, the Liaison Team (LT), meets periodically to interface between ISIS and the user community, for the suite of instruments in our group (Iris, Osiris, Tosca and Vesuvio). If you have any suggestions/comments in reference to any of our instruments, science or events, please feel free to contact the MSUGLT secretary. 

Christoph Salzmann, Chairperson, University College London; 

Roberto Senesi, MSUG Representative, Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata ;

Felix Fernandez-Alonso, MSG Leader, ISIS;

Giovanni Romanelli, MSUGLT Secretary, ISIS;

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