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Arrival of the HiFi magnet at ISIS

Thursday 06 August 2009

Delivery of the HiFi muon spectrometer magnet

Delivery of the HiFi muon spectrometer magnet to ISIS from Cryogenic Ltd on 22 July 2009
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The 5T superconducting magnet for the new high field muon spectrometer, HiFi, was delivered to ISIS on 22nd July 2009.

On 22nd July 2009, the 5T superconducting magnet for the new HiFi high field muon spectrometer was delivered to ISIS.

HiFi will be a state-of-the-art muon spectrometer.  It will provide new experimental capabilities for users of the ISIS muon source.  In particular, it will open up new opportunities in areas including free radical chemistry, magnetism and charge transport.

At the heart of the new HiFi spectrometer is a 5T cryogen-free superconducting magnet.  This is a one-off magnet which contains several different field coil sets, producing a main field up to 5T but with three other auxiliary fields.

Following installation, the magnet will be put through its paces over coming weeks, with the aim of running user experiments on HiFi by the end of the year.

HiFi is being constructed via a £2.1M facility development grant awarded to the ISIS and Oxford University muon groups.

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