Frontiers of Muon Spectroscopy – Symposium and User Meeting

Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th September 2012

A symposium discussing current research with muons across various disciplines, held at St Hugh's College, Oxford. The meeting was held in recognition of 25 years of muon science at ISIS and to mark the recent retirement of Steve Cox. Proceedings of the meeting are available in Physica Scripta.

Meeting Participants

Meeting Participants
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Monday, 17th September 2012

Session A: Novel technique to novel research

Uschi Steigenberger (STFC)

ISIS μSR: The first 25 years
Steve Cox (STFC)

Session B: Semiconductors

Muonium in Semiconductors as a Model for Hydrogen Impurities
Roger Lichti (Texas Tech University)

Hydrogen in high-k dielectric oxides modelled by muonium
Rui Vilao (University of Coimbra)

Hydrogen impurities, native defects and surface states in semiconductors: the role of μSR and the charge neutrality level
Tim Veal (University of Liverpool)

Session C: Superconductivity and Magnetism I

Dilution in frustrated magnets and in iron-based superconductors
Pietro Carretta (University of Pavia)

Odd-frequency pairing in (TMTSF)2ClO4
Francis Pratt (STFC)

Neutron scattering and μSR studies of spin gap formation in the caged compounds CeT2Al10 (T = Fe, Ru, Os)
Devashibhai Adroja (STFC)

Unconventional superconductivity in non-centrosymmetric Ru7B3
Natalia Parzyk (University of Warwick)

Session D: ISIS Facility User Meeting

ISIS Update
Philip King (STFC)

Katsu Ishida (RIKEN-RAL)

PSI Update
Thomas Prokscha (PSI)

Potential applications of DFT

Simulation of Molecular ALC Spectra using Density Functional Theory
Francis Pratt (STFC)

The quantum states of muons in fluorides
Johannes Moeller (University of Oxford)

Laser excitation – A new direction for μSR
Alan Drew (Queen Mary, University of London)


Tuesday, 18th September 2012

Session E: Chemistry

Catch me if you can! Studying transient radicals using muon spin spectroscopy
Iain McKenzie (TRIUMF / Simon Fraser University)

Synergy between theory and muon-spin resonance in radical chemistry, specifically for anti-oxidants, catalysis and polymerisation
Greg Chass (Queen Mary, University of London)

Rates of Interfacial Transfer by ALC Muon Spectroscopy
Nigel Clayden (University of East Anglia)

Determining the regiochemistry of mixed valent [Fe(I)Fe(II)]-hydrogenase complexes using Muon Spectroscopy and DFT calculations
Jamie Peck (University of East Anglia / STFC)

Session F: Functional Materials

Magnetoelectric coupling probed with muon spin rotation
Alan Drew (Queen Mary, University of London)

The hydrogen interaction with defective graphene and the μSR
Matteo Aramini (University of Parma)

Muon-spin relaxation study on Li- and Na-diffusion in solids
Jun Sugiyama (Toyota Central Research and Development Laboratories)

Muon diffusion in hcp metals
Ola Hartmann (Uppsala University)

Session G: Superconductivity and Magnetism II

Quantum kagome spin liquids
Philippe Mendels (Université Paris-Sud)

The ground states of molecular magnets revealed with muon spectroscopy
Tom Lancaster (University of Durham)

Keeping your finger on the pulse - the next 25 years of ISIS μSR
Steve Blundell (University of Oxford)



Meeting Pictures

Meeting Pictures
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