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Polarized neutrons

The polarized neutron group at ISIS runs the FLYNN polarized 3He filling station at ISIS. This provides 3He spin-filters to instruments across ISIS. The group is involved in polarization projects on: LET WISH LARMOR ZOOM


Main Contact

Other Contact

Group Staff:

Gøran Nilsen       - Polarized Neutron Instrument Scientist
                               LET Polarization Project Leader
Ross Stewart       - E & PN Group Leader
Mark Devonport  - Polarized Neutron Technician (FLYNN)
                                 Cell Development Project Leader
Jan Kosata           - Sandwich Student
                                 LET Flipper Project



  • MEOP 3He polarization 
  • Holding and guiding field design
  • Resonance spin-flipping techniques
  • NMR diagnostics
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