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Ring Accelerator Physics at ISIS
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Accelerator physicists in the synchrotron group are involved in a range of projects focusing on the optimisation and development of the ISIS synchrotron.  Responsible for the set-up and beam physics operation of the synchrotron they create accelerator physics tools to help better operate and understand the accelerator.  Measurements of low intensity beam and machine parameters are also possible with the use of a fast electrostatic beam chopper, and running the synchrotron in storage ring mode.

Aside from machine operation the ISIS synchrotron group are also engaged in producing detailed studies and designs of potential accelerator upgrades.  The ISIS synchrotron is just one of a few machines worldwide where important loss mechanisms of space charge and instabilities can be studied experimentally. Results from these studies helps to benchmark theoretical models and computer simulation codes, ensuring that future machine designs are based on sound assumptions.  High intensity beam instabilities form a large part of the research work in the group, spanning transverse space charge, half integer errors, image effects and higher order non-linear modes.

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