Jorge Quintanilla

Jorge Quintanilla is the Atlas Fellow in Condensed Matter Theory, in association with St. Catherine's College (2005-2009).

Jorge's research deals with strongly correlated quantum matter. For a non-technical overview see

  • J. Quintanilla & C. Hooley,
    The strong-correlations puzzle,
    Physics World 22, 32-37 (June 2009). [PDF]

The links to the right lead to information on specific topics within, or closely related to, strong-correlations research. 

For a list of research articles on the ePubs database follow this link.

Employment history

Present position2005-2009Atlas Research Fellow in Condensed Matter TheoryISIS facility and St. Catherine's College, Oxford
Previous positions2003-2004Lerverhulme Research FellowUniversity of Birmingham
2002FAPESP post-doctoral researcherUniversity of Sao Paulo
Education1997-2001PhDUniversity of Bristol
1992-1997LicenciadoUniversity of Salamanca
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