Prof. Stephen W. Lovesey

RAL Fellow

Research interests

Charge, spin and orbital degrees of freedom of electrons in complex materials and the analysis of their observation by neutron and x-ray scattering.

Selected Publications


  • Condensed Matter Physic: Dynamic Correlations (2nd Edition)
    S. W. Lovesey, Frontiers in Science vol. 61, Benjamin/Cummings (1986).

  • Theory of Neutron Scattering from Condensed Matter, The International Series of Monographs on Physics No. 72; vol. 1, Nuclear Scattering; vol. 2, Polarization Effects and Magnetic Scattering, S. W. Lovesey, Oxford University Press (1987).

  • Theory of Magnetic Neutron and Photon Scattering, E. Balcar and S. W. Lovesey, Oxford University Press (1989).

  • X-Ray Scattering and Absorption by Magnetic Materials, S. W. Lovesey and S. P. Collins (Clarendon Press, Oxford 1996). 


  • Theory of Magnon and Phonon Interactions in FeF2, S. W. Lovesey, J. Phys. (C) 5, 2769 (1972). 

  • The Dynamic Properties of Monatomic Liquids, J. R. D. Copley and S. W. Lovesey, Rept.  Prog.  Phys. 38, 461 (1975).

  • Analytic Dynamics of the One-Dimensional Tight-Binding Model, S. W. Lovesey,
    J. Phys. C 21, 2805 (1988).

  • Quantum correlations between protons in KHCO­3, D. A. Keen and S. W. Lovesey J.Phys.: Condens. Matter 15, 4937 (2003). 

  • Electronic properties of crystalline materials observed in x-ray diffraction, S. W. Lovesey et al. Phys. Reports 411, 233 (2005).

  • Vanadium magnetoelectric multipoles in V2O3, S. W. Lovesey et al., to be published in PRB (2006).

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