The CRISP goniometer

The standard normal reflection mode of the reflectometer has a 2 arc goniometer stack (f and y motions) on top of a linear translation stage which is all mounted on a height table. The motions except the height table are standard Micro-controle equipment. For liquid samples the goniometer stack is removed and an active anti-vibration table fitted.

The key parameters and load capacities of the sample position is listed below:




Load capacity

BG80 (f motion)



12 kg

BG120 (y motion)



20 kg

Linear translator

600 mm


120 kg

Height table

100 mm


100 kg

Anti-vibration table



150 kg

The minimum distance from height table surface to beam centre is 236 mm and the maximum is 341 mm. If the translator is added these figures are modified to 121 mm (min) to 226 mm (max).

Sample mounting on the goniometer is via a kinematic plate. If users wish their equipment to fit onto these plates then they should contact Robert Dalgliesh/Tim Charlton for full design drawings.

A schematic diagram can be found in the instrument manual.

Name Goniometer
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