Heater Stage

The CRISP heater stage/solid sample changer

The four position sample holder mounts directly onto the standard goniometer stack. It will take samples which are typically silicon or quartz substrates, ranging from 10 to 100 mm diameter. Two modes of operation can be achieved by changing the sample holding inserts. One insert allows for 4 independent temperatures on the 4 sample positions via heater cartridges giving temperature from RT to 350oC. The other insert is temperature controlled by connection to a recirculating bath giving a temperature range from -50 - 200oC. This cannot be achieved by each sample independently since the circulating fluid runs underneath all the samples. The samples are housed in a metal box with quartz windows allowing for laser alignment with a perspex lid. The unit is not sealable but allows for inert gas to be passed through it under a positive pressure (the unit does not allow the samples to be placed under vacuum).

Summary of the equipment:

Heated Insert 
Number of samples4
Independent sample heatingyes
Sample size10 - 100 mm diameter
Temperature rangeRT - 350C
Heated/Cooled Insert 
Number of samples4
Independent sample heatingno
Sample size10 - 100 mm diameter
Temperature range-50 - 200oC
Name Heater Stage
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