Engin-x publications



  • Introduction of ENGIN-X

        ENGIN-X: a third-generation neutron strain scanner

        High-tech composites to ancient metals

  • In-situ measurements

         Lattice strain evolution in IMI 834 under applied stress

         Stress-induced martensitic transformation

         copper/chromium composites         

  • Residual stress measurements

          Fatigue performance of welded aircraft structures

          Stainless steel pipe girth weld

          Inertia friction welds in three nickel base superalloys

  • Bragg edge measurements

           TOF neutron transmission diffraction

           Energy-selective neutron transmission imaging

           Strain tomography

  • Cultural Heritage

            Broze artefacts from the Marches national museum

            Germanic ultrahigh carbon steel punch of the late Roman-Iron age

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