ENGIN-X Furnace

The stress rigs on ENGIN-X are equipped with radiant furnaces for elevated temperature mechanical testing. Two furnaces are available: the radiant air furnace and radiant inert gas furnace. For general heating of samples without applying mechanical loads, for use of non-standard sample designs and for particularly high temperatures, make sure you contact the Instrument Scientists long before your scheduled beamtime in order to make preparations.

Radiant air furnace

Horizontal heating axis

K-type thermocouple monitoring

Tested to a max. temperature of 1100°C

High temperature extensometer (12.5mm gauge length)

Radiant air furnace

Radiant air furnace1
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Radiant air furnace with rapid gas cooling on the sample

Radiant air furnace2
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Inert gas furnace

Similar design to air furnace, but sealed for drip flow of inert (argon) gas.

inert gas furnace

inert gas furnace1
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Vacuum furnace

See the sample environment page or contact the instrument scientist.

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