Gem publications

Recent publications

‘Results on disordered materials from the GEneral Materials diffractometer, GEM, at ISIS.’ A.C.Hannon, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A 551(2005)88-107.

‘GEM: The General Materials Diffractometer at ISIS – Multibank Capabilities for Studying Crystalline and Disordered Materials.’ P.Day, J.E.Enderby, W.G.Williams, L.C.Chapon, A.C.Hannon, P.G.Radaelli and A.K.Soper, Neutron News 15(2004)19.

‘GEM: A Shining Light in the ISIS Crown.’ P.G.Radaelli, A.C.Hannon and L.C.Chapon, Notiz. Neut. Luce. Sinc. 8(2003)19-26.

‘Setting the GEM.’ P.Day, Materials World, October 2000, 8(10)(2000)25.

‘Lustrous GEM.’ P.Day, Chemistry in Britain, August 2000, 36(2000)24.

‘Neutron Diffraction, Instrumentation.’ A.C.Hannon, In ‘Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry’ eds. J.Lindon, G.Tranter and J.Holmes (Academic Press, London, 2000) volume 2 pp. 1479-1492.

‘GEM - General Materials Diffractometer at ISIS.’ W.G.Williams, R.M.Ibberson, P.Day and J.E.Enderby, Physica B 241-243(1998)234-236.

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