High field muon spectometer

This instrument is operational .

Design drawing of the HiFi spectrometer

Design drawing of the HiFi spectrometer
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The new high-field muon instrument at ISIS, called HiFi, provides applied longitudinal fields up to 5 T.

The magnet is a 5 T superconducting split-pair, with high field homogeneity over the sample volume and actively compensated stray field.  It has additional z-axis coils up to 400 G for small changes to the main field (for example, for sweeping through level crossing resonances) as well as 150 G x- and y-axis transverse coils for calibration measurements, etc. 

HiFi has the following sample environment equipment:

  • Dilution fridge (30mk - 300K)
  • 4He cryostat (1.5K - 300K)
  • Flow cryostat (4K - 400K)
  • CCR (10K - 600K)
  • Reflector furnace (300K- 1500K)

Funds to build HiFi have come from a grant made to the ISIS muon group and Prof. Steve Blundell at Oxford University for £2.1M from the STFC Facility Development Board.  It represents the first significant investment in the ISIS muon facility for over ten years, and will open up new science areas for the muon technique at ISIS.

In particular, higher fields can:

  • Extend the range of accessible fluctuations, correlations, diffusion and dynamics across a broad range of systems;
  • Give access to new regions of magnetic phase diagrams and allow state preparation in, for example, frustrated systems;
  • Give access to level crossing resonances currently outside the ISIS field range for spectroscopy and molecular dynamics studies;
  • Open up the full range of nuclei for RF-decoupling techniques.
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