Ines technical information

Technical details for Ines

Technical Summary

The use of squashed 3He detectors increases the resolving power in a TOF instrument. The percentage resolution is 0.0012 in back-scattering, up to 0.013 in forward scattering

Since the detectors are filled with high pressure 3He (20 bar), this keeps the efficiency high, while reducing the thickness.

Instrument Parameters

Moderator316K water
Incident wavelength0.17 – 3.24 Å
Sample position22.804m from moderator
Beam size at sample position40x40mm
Detectors144 3He squashed detectors
Detector position1.0m from sample
Angular range11.6°-170.6°
Q range0.4-60 Å-1
d range0.1-16 Å
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