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Reflectometer - Inter

Reflectometer - Inter
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High-intensity chemical interfaces reflectometer offering a unique facility for the study of a range of air/liquid, liquid/liquid, air/solid, and liquid/solid interfaces.


In neutron reflectivity experiments, a narrow beam of neutrons is bounced off a surface. Like beams of light bouncing off a mirror, neutron beams bounce off surfaces at the same angle as they arrive, and are collected by neutron detectors. Inter enables the use of smaller samples and expands the time scales that are observable for dynamic studies, encouraging the investigation of systems more closely aligned with those found in nature and industry.

Example applications

  • Gene delivery: Finding ways to get medicines to where they are needed in the body
  • Atmospheric chemistry: Pollutants and cloud formation
  • Ionic Liquids: ‘Green’ solvents for industry


  • Reflectometry


Inter represents the next generation of neutron reflectometers, allowing for higher resolution and enhanced measurement speed. A spacious sample position allows for complex sample environment equipment to be positioned.

Did you know?

Inter was the first instrument on the ISIS second target station to measure neutrons on Sunday 3 August 2008. ISIS now has two neutron sources in routine operation.

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