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Advances in Neutron Reflectometry at ISIS
T. R. Charlton, R. L. S. Coleman, Robert M. Dalgliesh, C. J. Kinane, C. Neylon, S. Langridge, J. Plomp, N. G. J. Webb & J. R. P. Webster
Neutron News
Volume 22, Issue 2, 2011
pages 15-18

INTER the chemical interfaces reflectometer on target station 2 at ISIS
Webster, J ; Holt, S ; Dalgliesh, R
PHYSICA B-CONDENSED MATTER 385-86 1164-1166 2006
DOI: 10.1016/j.physb.2006.05.400

Voltage-induced swelling and deswelling of weak polybase brushes.
Michael P. Weir, Sasha Y. Heriot, Simon J. Martin, Andrew J. Parnell, Stephen A. Holt,
John R. P. Webster and Richard A. L. Jones
Langmuir 27(17) 11000-7 2011

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