IRIS Detector Upgrade Complete

Saturday 29 May 2010

IRIS Signal:Background May'10

IRIS Signal:Background May'10
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The detector bank upgrade on the IRIS spectrometer was successfully completed during April/May 2010.

Following the installation and commissioning of the Pyrolytic Graphite bank in March 2008, we have also completed the Mica bank upgrade. IRIS is now  fully equipped with state-of-the-art detector electronics  and new photo-multiplier manifolds with m-metal shielding to avoid stray-field interference from magnet operation on its neighbouring instrument OSIRIS. We see a much increased detector stability, a strong reduction in stray fields and in the case of the Mica bank, results indicate an improvement in signal: noise (S/N) of a factor of 4 for Mi006 and 3 for Mi002.

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