IRIS Cycle 2009-05

Beam Cycle 16th February to 25th March 2010

Dateno. DaysRB no.PISample EnvironmentLocal Contact
Tue 16/02/101CalibIRIS Team-IRIS Team
Wed 17/02/106920384SkipperCCR/TL/He + GHFernandez Alonso
Tue 23/02/101ReserveSkipperCCR/TL/He + GHFernandez Alonso
Wed 24/02/108920495Fernandez AlonsoOC/100 + GHFernandez Alonso
Thu 04/03/101ReserveFernandez AlonsoOC/100 + GHFernandez Alonso
Fri 05/03/1061010103ParadossiCCR/TL/HeTelling
Thu 11/03/101ReserveParadossiCCR/TL/HeTelling
Fri 12/03/1051010409DoreCCR/TL/HeFernandez Alonso
Wed 17/03/101ReserveDoreCCR/TL/HeFernandez Alonso
Thu 18/03/107920520LeeDRI + OXF/AlStock


NB. Due to problems with the accelerator, ISIS terminated this cycle early [Mon 22/03/10 at 17:10]

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