IRIS Cycle 2010-01

Beam Cycle 20th April to 28th May 2010

Dateno. DaysRB no.PISample EnvironmentLocal Contact
Tue 20/04/107Mica Bank ComissioningIRIS Team-IRIS Team
Tue 27/04/1071010115RemhofCCR/TL/HeRamírez-Cuesta
Tue 04/05/101ReserveRemhofCCR/TL/HeRamírez-Cuesta
Wed 05/05/1081010486LakeDRI + OXF/Al + Newport RotTelling
Thu 13/05/1061010328CervenyCCR/TL/HeGarcía Sakai
Wed 19/05/105900025SkipperCCR/TL/HeFernández Alonso
Mon 24/05/1041010337SkipperOC/100 + GHFernández Alonso
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