IRIS Schedule 2008-03

Beam Cycle 9th September to 16th October 2008

Dateno. DaysRB no.PISample EnvironmentLocal Contact

Tue 09/09/08

2CalibrationIRIS Team IRIS Team

Thu 11/09/08


Fri 12/09/08

3520020Fernandez-AlonsoOC/100 + para-H2 rigFernandez-Alonso
Mon 15/09/082810071Fernandez-AlonsoOC/100 + para-H2 rigFernandez-Alonso

Tue 17/09/08

6810027Fernandez-AlonsoOC/100 + para-H2 rigFernandez-Alonso

Tue 23/09/08

1Reserve OC/100 + para-H2 rigFernandez-Alonso
Wed 24/09/087720471Diallo3He rigAdams
Wed 01/10/081Reserve 3He rigAdams
Thu 02/10/086810248YamamuroTL/CCR/HeGarcia Sakai
Wed 08/10/081Reserve TL/CCR/HeGarcia Sakai
Thu 09/10/086Be filter testsIRIS TeamTL/CCR/HeGarcia Sakai
Wed 15/10/081ReserveKarglTL/CCR/HeFernandez-Alonso
Thu 16/10/081ReserveTellingTL/CCR/HeTelling
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