Iris technical information

Technical information for Iris

Technical Summary

 PG 002PG 004Mica 002Mica 004*Mica 006
Analysing Energy (meV)1.847.380.2070.8261.86
Dynamic Range (meV)-0.4 to +0.4-3.5 to +4.0-0.02 to +0.02-0.15 to +0.15-0.4 to +0.4
Resolution (μeV)17.554.51.04.511.0
Angular Coverage (deg)25-16025-155
Q-range (Å-1)0.42 to 1.850.84 to 3.700.13 to 0.620.26 to 1.240.40 to 1.87
Spectroscopy Detectors51 Zn scintillators
Diffraction Detectors8 He3 tubes at 2θ ≈ 170°
Δd/d = 2.5x10-3
d-range (Å) = 1-12

* only available with muscovite Mica. Fluorinated mica should be used for Mica006 and Mica002

Instrument Parameters

Beam lineN6
ModeratorHydrogen cooled to 25K
Wavelength limiting choppersDisc choppers at 6.3m and 10m
Primary flight pathCurved neutron guide, 2.35 km radius;
65 mm (v) x 43mm (h) cross-section feeding a 2.5m focusing super mirror guide to the sample
Sample position36.41m from the moderator
Beam size at sample30 mm (v) x 20mm (h)
Intensity at sample1x107 n/cm2.s at 150uA ISIS power
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