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Inside the Let detector vessel

Inside the Let detector vessel
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Cold neutron multi-chopper spectrometer for the study of dynamics in condensed matter to understand the microscopic origin of material properties.


The study of dynamics in condensed matter with inelastic neutron scattering provides one of the most exacting tests of the understanding of the microscopic origin of the material properties, particularly when combined with powerful computer modelling techniques now being pioneered.

The ability to make quasi-elastic and inelastic measurements over a wide dynamic range from 0.5-30 meV on a single spectrometer is quite unique. Combined with position sensitive detectors covering scattering angles from 3° to 140° (at completion), Let will have a considerable impact in many disciplines including bio-materials, polymers, magnetism, geo-science and quantum fluids.


  • Neutron spectroscopy.

Example applications

  • Quantum fluids
  • Magnetism
  • Polymers and bio-molecular materials


Let uses a coupled cold Hydrogen moderator. Two sets of fast counter-rotating disc choppers are used to monochromate the incident beam.

Did you know?

Let uses the world's first 4 m long position-sensitive helium detectors.

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