SASView, previously called SANSView, is a free SANS data model-fitting package developed by the University of Tennessee as part of the Distributed Data Analysis of Neutron Scattering Experiments (DANSE) software project funded by the US National Science Foundation. Many of the models in SASView are those written and developed by Steve Kline, and used for many years in the NIST IGOR-based data analysis package; ie, they are tried-and-tested! SASView is an alternative to the ISIS FISH package, with many similar models, but whereas the legacy Fortran code of FISH is no longer being actively developed or extended, SASView is based around the Python language thereby making it an obvious choice for development and integration alongside Mantid. For this reason the ISIS SANS Team will be working with the SASView developers to ensure that, as far as possible, SASView reflects the needs of our User community.


To download SASView, or learn more about it, click here .



For help on using SASView, see the website or the links to the right.

If you wish to contribute any tutorials, please send them to a member of the ISIS SANS Team.



If you use SASView to do productive scientific research that leads to publication, please acknowledge use of the program in the following way: "This work benefited from DANSE software developed under NSF award DMR-0520547.“

A paper describing SASView is in preparation:

"SANS analysis software", G. Alina, P. Butler, J. Cho, M. Doucet, and P. Kienzle,

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