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MAPS data analysis

MAPS has a suite of software for data reduction and analysis

Lower Level Analysis and Visualisation:-

Mantid contains many algorithms for working with and processing raw data in time-of-flight

Data Reduction:-

Mantid (via the Iliad routines) provides the facility to convert data from time-of-flight to energy, mask bad detectors, perform efficiency corrections, convert to absolute units, etc.

Data Analysis and Visualisation:-

MSlice visualisation of single crystal and powder data from a single run. Matlab based, although a standalone version can be provided.

Horace provides generation, visualisation, simulation and fitting of large 4-dimensional datasets obtained by making multiple measurements of a single crystal with varying sample orientation or incident energy. Matlab based.

Tobyfit a program to simulate and fit time-of-flight inelastic scattering data, incorporating instrument resolution. The latest version of this software runs in Matlab with a graphical user interface. For the old command-line driven Fortran version, contact Toby Perring.

Mantid (via VATES) allows you to perform similar visualisation and analysis to that performed by Horace

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