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Mari science

Research you can do with the instrument


A large fraction of the time on MARI is spent studying magnetic systems. When MARI was first built it was realised that its detector geometry would be ideal for studies of low dimensional magnetic systems where a large number of detectors could be added together to produce good statistics. However, recently MARI has started to look at three dimensional magnetic systems.

  • One and two dimensional antiferromagnets
  • Quantum fluctuations in Spin-½ systems
  • Spin Peierls systems (and relationship with high temperature superconductors)
  • Iron and Cobalt

High Temperature Superconductors

Studies of the the lattice vibrations and magnetism in high temperature superconductors.

  • High Temperature Superconductivity

Biomolecules and Polymers

Studies of the dynamics of polymers and biomolecular polymers

  • Biomolecules and Polymers

Quantum Fluids

Superfluids are still one the playgrounds of pure quantum physics.

  • Quantum Fluids

Amorphous Materials

The dynamics of liquids and glasses still pose some interesting puzzles.

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