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Schematic of merlin


Merlin is a high count rate, medium energy resolution, direct geometry chopper spectrometer.

Merlin has been in user operation since 2008. It was designed to be a high intensity, medium energy resolution spectrometer that would complement the high-resolution MAPS spectrometer, and replace the HET spectrometer. Merlin’s design exploited recent advances in technology with a supermirror guide to enhance flux, as well as 3 m long position-sensitive detectors in a vacuum, making it idea for the study of single crystals. The detector bank covers a massive π steradians of solid angle with an angular range from –45o to +135o in the horizontal plane, and ±30o in the vertical plane. This allows large swathes of Q,ω space to be accessed in a single run. Since 2014, Merlin has been running in event mode, and by using the new Gd chopper combined with a disk chopper, it is able to run in repetition-rate multiplication (RRM) mode, allowing users to simultaneously measure with several incident energies.

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