Merlin publications

Publications on MERLIN isntrument and science

Science on MERLIN:

MERLIN publications on the CCLRC epubs directory

Technical papers on MERLIN:

MERLIN, a new high count rate spectrometer at ISIS, R.I. Bewley, R.S. Eccleston, K.A. McEwen, S.M. Hayden, M.T. Dove, S.M. Bennington, J.R. Treadgold, R.L.S. Coleman, Physica B 385-386 1029-1031 (2006).

MERLIN: a high count rate chopper spectrometer at ISIS, R. I. Bewley, T. Guidi, S. M. Bennington, Notiziario Neutroni e Luce di Sincrotrone 14 (1) 22-27 (2009)

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