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NIMROD - model and reality

Composite Image of NIMROD showing a 3D cutaway model of the instrument and a photograph of the real thing in the R80 experimental hall.
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Nimrod is a near and intermediate range order diffractometer designed to provide continuous access to length scales ranging from the interatomic (<1 Å) through to the mesoscopic (>300 Å).


Nimrod bridges the traditional gap between SANS and wide-angle neutron scattering, by using a common calibration procedure for all Q-scales. The instrument makes full use of the longer wavelengths on the second target station, to increase the upper limit of the accessible correlation length, while also extracting high-resolution from the shorter wavelengths.


Nimrod uses a coupled cold hydrogen and water pre moderator. The detectors consist of ZnS scintillators with 1854 detector elements (increased to 2337 in October 2012). A temperature controlled (-10°C to 100°C) 15 position automatic sample changer is available, along with a pulse-tube CCR and a high-dynamic range circulating oil bath (operating range -40 to 250°C). The instrument also supports the standard range of cryostats, furnaces and gas handling/pressure systems that are available through the ISIS sample environment support groups.

Further details of the technical aspects of the instrument and its performance characteristics can be found in:

NIMROD: The Near and InterMediate Range Order Diffractometer of the ISIS second target station  D.T.Bowron, A.K.Soper, K.Jones, S.Ansell, S.Birch, J.Norris, L.Perrott, D.Riedel, N.J.Rhodes, A.Botti, M.-A.Ricci, F.Grazzi and M.Zoppi.

Review of Scientific Instruments, 81, 033905 (2010)

Example applications

  • Complex and confined liquids
  • Functional and composite materials
  • Phase behaviour and nucleation


  • Neutron diffraction
  • Neutron diffraction with Isotopic substitution
  • Small angle scattering

Did you know?

Nimrod was inaugurated by Professor Maiani from the CNR Italian research council to celebrate the excellent working partnership between Italy, the UK and ISIS in neutron scattering.

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