Nimrod technical information

NIMROD requires an incident flight path of at least 20m, and a secondary flight path up to 7m, to achieve a sufficiently small beam divergence and penumbra that the smallest scattering angles are reached with adequate resolution. Building a horter flight path instrument with the same Q coverage and resolution would significantly compromise the count rate at all Q values.

Technical Summary

ModeratorCoupled cold
Incident Wavelengths0.05Å – 10Å
Q-range0.02Å-1 – 100Å-1
Resolution~10%DQ/Q, 2q = 0.5°-5°; 2%DQ/Q, 2q = 12°-90°;0.5%DQ/Q.
Total Length30m
L1, L220m, 1-7m
Flight pathStraight/tapered
Detectors10 x 200 x 20mm in rows parallel to beam, and over full range of
azimuthal angles, ±90°. <0.1% stability required.
Beam size30mm wide x 30mm high
Detector tankVacuum, no beam windows visible by detectors
Sample environmentStandard, multi-position sample changer.
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