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The capabilities of Offspec make it useful across a wide range of scientific disciplines. This is a brief snapshot of some areas of scientific interest.

The use of specular neutron reflection as a tool for the study of complex interfaces has now developed as a mature technique [1-3]. Measurements of specular reflectivity give information about structure perpendicular to the interface, but an increasing number of important science and technology issues in the study of thin films, multialyers and interfaces concern structure in the plane of the interface. These include studies of complex magnetic multilayers, liquid-liquid interfaces, electrochemical systems with lateral inhomogeneities and self-assembly of materials such as membranes, proteins and silicates.

Offspec Layout

Offspec Layout
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Areas of study can include

  • Magnetic Materials.
  • Polymers
  • Biological systems
  • Electrochemical systems
  • Surfactant systems
  • Mesoporous films
  • Complex Sample Environments
  • Surface Diffraction

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