OSIRIS Schedule 2009-01

Beam Cycle 19th May to 25th June 2009

Dateno. DaysRB no.PISample EnvironmentLocal Contact

Tue 19/05/09

1CalibrationOSIRIS Team OSIRIS Team
Wed 20/05/095910128DickoCCR/TL/HeTelling
Mon 25/05/091ReserveDickoCCR/TL/HeTelling
Tue 26/05/092720859TennantDRI + OX/50 w/Al tails + ROT/NewportTelling
Thu 28/05/091ReserveTennantDRI + OX/50 w/Al tails + ROT/NewportTelling
Fri 29/05/092910481ClarkeOC/50 w/V tailTelling
Sun 31/05/091ReserveClarkeOC/50 w/V tailTelling
Mon 01/06/094810424Garcia SakaiCCR/TL/HeGarcia Sakai
Fri 05/06/093ReserveGarcia SakaiCCR/TL/HeGarcia Sakai
Mon 08/06/097910203GlydeNew dil fridgeAdams
Mon 15/06/092ReserveGlydeNew dil fridgeAdams
Wed 17/06/094810379RamosDRI + MGC + ROT/NewportDemmel
Sun 21/06/091ReserveRamosDRI + MGC + ROT/NewportDemmel
Mon 22/06/093910150Martin y MareroGH/H2 + OC/100 + P/RGarcia Sakai
Thu 25/06/091ReserveMartin y MareroGH/H2 + OC/100 + P/RGarcia Sakai
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